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I purchased my first oil and soap in May of last year (wow! I just realized it was this same time last year!) at the recommendation of an acquaintance. She raved about the oil and it lived up to everything I hoped! When I moved I packed it and imagine my joy when I found it a few weeks ago.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE liquid sunshine and will continue to purchase it!! My skin literally drinks it up! Right out of the shower is my favorite time to apply it daily. The light super moisturized glow it gives with ZERO greasiness allows me to oil up and go right to bed nightly. I love the scents of the oil being subtle but deep so they linger, but gently! Haaaa. My initial one was unscented and I still squeezed the herbs to get all the oil while I waited on my next bottle! Lol. I really enjoy how rich and mature the scents are while still being bright and uplifting! It's like bath and body works had a baby with Elizabeth Taylor and everybody was vegan. Lol! Idk I just love that its such great quality and so much actual thought and care goes into creating them! It's obvious this takes time attention and care & isn't just thrown together. I appreciate that every time I bathe and moisturize because I want my melanin happy forever.


That la soufrière soap scent is LIFE!!!! It's always a gamble picking scents online but I lucked up on that one and really appreciate the descriptions provided on the site-they help a lot! Yes I turned around and did a back to back order because you got me with that tobago cays soap sample so I had to get the oil!!


Everything is so pleasing to the eye and nose and I deeply appreciate that the packaging is environmentally friendly and responsible. Those peanuts truly melt as soon as water hits them omg!!! You're amazing! Lol!! I know this is very long but it's my honest feedback. Thank you so much for your art, creations, and service. Thank you for being someone who values quality. Thank you for your nose! :) 

—  Ka Ma'Shanti

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